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Public Consultation

Extension to Orchard Industrial Estate

Your Views Are Important

A public consultation has been opened into a proposed extension to the Orchard Road Industrial Estate, Toddington. Residents are now being asked to share their views.

The triangle site was recently removed as allocated development land from the Tewkesbury Borough Council Local Plan by the Planning Inspector who stated:

The submitted Tewkesbury Borough Plan allocates 6.5 ha of land as an extension to the Orchard Industrial Estate at Toddington on the triangular shaped filed to the South west and on land on the opposite side of the B4078. However the sites are in open rural landscape just to the south of the Cotswolds ANOB and in the Policy LAN1 Special Landscape Area. The site is detached from any built-up area, not well connected to the principal road network and would offer little opportunity for sustainable modes of transport.

Development of the site would be prominent to passers-by and unduly intrusive in the landscape. The sites are not essential for the provision of the Joint Core Strategy employment land requirement. Given their sensitive landscape context, any proposals for the expansion of the site should be considered under the provisions of Policy EMP4 rather than establishing the principle of development through a specific allocation in the Tewksbury Borough Plan. The sites therefore should be deleted form the plan.

Toddington Parish Council supported the removal of the site from the TBP and this was ratified by Tewkesbury Borough Council. However, removal of the site does not prevent a planning application being submitted and a proposed application is now the subject of this public consultation before being submitted in August.

A recent open event was held at Toddington Village Hall but was not widely communicated. Attached are the proposals for the development. There is also a public consultation form which must be submitted by FRIDAY AUGUST 12th, 2022.

All Toddington residents are asked to consider the proposals and submit their views