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Road Safety Survey

The Toddington Parish Council Road Safety Survey is now closed.

A huge thank you to the 317 residents representing more than 80% households in the parish who competed the survey. Your views are very important to us.

The content of the survey will now be reviewed by the Parish Council Road Safety Group and next actions agreed. We will update residents through our Parish Council Newsletter (please sign up here if you haven’t already) and this will be a regular item on our meeting agendas. Detail of Parish Council meetings and minutes can be found on the website. Or please do come along!


Toddington Parish Council – Working on your behalf

Newsletter Sign-Up

Toddington Parish Council is launching a regular email community newsletter to keep you informed of important village and local matters, news, community activities and events.

A digital e-bulletin will allow us to get communication out quickly and efficiently. As well as a Parish Council Bulletin dealing directly with Parish Council news and information, we may communicate with you regarding general village events, activities and news. Please subscribe.

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