Tewkesbury Borough Council Set 2024-25 Budget

Tewkesbury Borough Council has approved a budget for 2024/25, which sees its council tax rate remaining as one of the lowest in the country.

On Tuesday, 27 February, the council agreed a balanced budget of £12,463,511. This includes an increase in council tax for a Band D property of £5 per year, from £139.36 to £144.36, which means the average Band D householder in Tewkesbury Borough will be paying less than £2.80 per week for the various essential services provided by the Borough Council.

Councillor Stewart Dove, Lead Member for Finance and Asset Management, said: “Despite the challenging financial conditions which have necessitated a modest increase in council tax of less than 10 pence per week, I am pleased that we have been able to invest in some of the priority areas for this council – improving the council’s response to emergencies such as flooding, providing further funding towards the transformation of our services and giving our residents a greater voice through an enhanced approach to consultation and investment in a youth engagement officer.

“Less than seven per cent of the total council tax that householders pay goes towards covering the cost of services provided by the borough council, but we will nevertheless be seeking to provide excellent value for money as always. Throughout the 2024/2025 financial year, the average household in Tewkesbury Borough will pay us less than £2.80 per week to have their bins emptied, benefits paid, food premises inspected, fly tips cleared and all the other vital services we deliver.

“Tewkesbury Borough is in a relatively sound financial position, but following years of decreasing funding from central government – along with many other local councils – we are facing the real prospect of a difficult financial future in the coming years. Financial support for the local government sector needs urgent review, and we will be seeking to encourage the next government to prioritise more positive long-term funding solutions for local government to ensure our communities continue to receive the high-quality services they deserve.”

To view the full budget visit tewkesbury.gov.uk.